☀️You are their sun.
☀️They follow your every move.

Just like sunflowers. 🌻

The entire field all points their faces at the sun all day long, and they move with it. They all turn and watch what warms and provides for them. It’s stunning, moving, beautiful.

Just like your kids.

They follow your every move all day long and they wait to see what you’ll do.

Your Sunshine moves them
They need you
🌻Without you they don’t exist
🌻They don’t have reason to bloom
🌻And they truly don’t know what to do with themselves

If they don’t have you, they look for whatever other light they can find, even if it’s destructive fire whose intention is to destroy them.

Don’t let that happen

Keep being you

Do what you have to do to BE YOU
Keep shining

If you need help getting your shine back, talk to me. I’m doing a workshop June 4th.  It will be in my FB group.