Wisdom Wellness

The Toolkit + Group & Private Mentoring

Stress Management tools and techniques for high-powered professionals dealing with burnout.

This program is set up for you to use when it’s convenient for you.  Access it through your phone, tablet, or computer, day or night, 24-7.

Many of the techniques and tools can be used in court, in the boardroom, and during events.  No one will know.

They prevent and heal burnout, explosive tempers, depression, despair, and frustration.

They help to change your brain chemistry, your body, your moods, and your spirit so that you can live and perform optimally with ease and peace.

It’s all-natural and holistic, meaning no one can ever take it away from you once you learn and integrate things.

Most of it is done with your body, mind, and spirit, but the physical tools can be ordered through Amazon and bought at the grocery store.

Mindfulness is a core component, but not the only gateway.  The other techniques like reflexology are things you can do when you are beyond “settling down.”

Everything is designed to work with you wherever you’re at.

Frustrated, angry, grieving, exhausted, beyond words… Start right there.  Honor it.  Work with your emotions.  That’s what Wisdom Wellness teaches you.

Coaching and mentoring are available.

  • Sign up for a group membership.
  • Schedule separate on-the-fly 1:1 sessions.
  • Enroll in a mentoring program which includes private sessions, email/DM access during business hours, plus the toolkit.

Achieve a greater sense of balance, resilience, and peace of mind. Be empowered to cope with difficult work-related situations and thrive both personally and professionally.


Make your life richer and more meaningful.

Zoom gatherings.

Send in your questions, challenges, concerns, topics and I’ll coach you through them.  Each gathering is a healing session.  You’ll feel uplifted, encouraged, and empowered.  15 minutes of each gathering will be live personal coaching for those that wish.  You can maintain complete privacy by changing your Zoom profile pic and username.


  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Breaking Inner Barriers
  • How To Heal While Letting Go
  • Toxic Relationships: Letting Go & Moving On

Guided Meditations & Energy Healings

Based on the needs of the group present during the live coaching and/or requests sent in ahead of time.

Replays Available

In case something comes up, you’ll be able to watch later.  Send in your questions / topics ahead of time so that I can cover them.


No refunds ever.

Your payment is your agreement.  This transformation requires kick-ass, hard-core commitment.  From both of us.  If you’re in, I’m in.

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