dreaming with the cosmos image; dream interpretationI had some humdinger dreams, very detailed, very involved with different specific people last night.

Some of the people I knew, some I didn’t.  These lucid dreams had weight and symbolism, and I managed to write down one word and one small scene.  I knew the word had major significance, and in the context of the dream it all made sense.  I was psyched to be getting some answers I really wanted.

But I kept getting woken up by my cats!  And then my back hurt, and I couldn’t get comfortable, et cetera, et cetera.  My kitty Audrey came to my rescue and snuggled with me, and I felt better.  By then, though, the sun was coming up, and my opportunity for deep sleep was gone.

I’ve got the one word, and the short dream sequence, to work with.  The dream sequence I’ve got all figured out.  I really wish I could remember the context of the word.  It’s a cool word, with multiple possible meanings.  I’ll have to let the answers surface throughout the day.  I’m also working with Archangel Raziel to help me remember and interpret the dreams.  We’ll see!

How were your dreams last night?  Anything wild and crazy?  Are you remembering your dreams well?  What are your favorite tips for doing so?  Tell us in the comments section below>>>

Here are a couple of my favorite tips to dream well and then remember and interpret dreams:

  1. Get good sleep – your body needs it in order to get into the brain wave states where you really rock the dream world.
  2. Write down the details immediately – once your body and brain start waking up, you’ll have a harder time recalling messages and what happened.
  3. Don’t worry if it seems kooky; the symbolism will work out later – remember, you’re probably not entirely awake while you’re writing down your dreams.  After you’re more awake, things may make more sense.  I also find that for me, dream symbolism can be very word-oriented: when I write down surrealistic parts of a dream, I often realize that the words relate to something else.  For example, I once dreamt about Russians living in a very specific building.  In real life, it was a message about not rushing in to living in a certain place.  The Universe and my brain have a sense of humor.
  4. Talk with someone about it – You may find that as you discuss your dream with friends that the symbolism becomes obvious as the words come out of your mouth.  Sometimes the key to seeing dream meanings is in shifting your perspective.  Or if you’re stuck, talk with an intuitive like me.
  5. Know that your dreams are valuable.
  6. Trust yourself.

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