“You’re born naked and the rest is drag.” — RuPaul

RuPaul, drag queen extraordinaire, life artist

RuPaul, drag queen extraordinaire, life artist

What does this mean to me?  You *have* choices. You get to choose what you make of your life, how you use your energy in this world, who you spend your time with, what environment you hang out in, how you express yourself.

What are your favorite choices you’ve made? The drapes in your living room, going to see your best friend, a fabulous new “do”, taking dancing lessons….. what’s one thing you’ve done that really makes you happier than you expected?  Tell us in the comments!

RuPaul is a sort of shape-shifter, a type of shaman who changes his appearance drastically and in doing so temporarily changes his more ephemeral characteristics, too.  Man?  Woman?  He’s like Merlin and Jesus!  They both would change their appearance and do what they wanted to do.  People who knew them wouldn’t recognize them until they wanted them to.  Useful for getting in and out of dangerous situations, for seeing others’ true natures.  It’s funny how artifice can make us re-think not only reality around us but also our inner reality.

With the on-going issue of gay rights and marriage, cross-dressers and drag queens offer us the opportunity to re-examine what we consider to be feminine and masculine.

Are we feminine because we look like a Barbie doll?  Or because of something inside us? Or are the

RuPaul, both sides of the coin

I secretly want to know, how does he get that cleavage?

attributes of breasts and hips and delicate facial features the real deal?  I love the Dove marketing campaign, the one that focuses on all of us being special in our own way, uniquely beautiful.  And that that unique beauty is an important gift in and for the world, that we should revel in our own beauty and not try to be someone else’s version.

I’d like to add that it doesn’t matter whether you’re male or female or a combination of both (did you know that 1 in 1000 people is mixed?  And I don’t mean racially.)

Your beauty matters in this world, in your life, in our lives.

So be it, express it, mix it up and experiment.

Have fun, find what makes you truly you, truly happy, and find people who appreciate that true you.

It’s your core essence that matters.

It’s why RuPaul’s momma chose Ru as the first part of his name: Ru stands for roux, the starter for most Cajun dishes, the place from which you begin and move out from to make all sorts of yummy dishes.