One of the biggest mistakes I see in my coaching practice is survivors having PITY FOR THEIR ABUSERS and/or the other people caught in their snare.

This causes 2 problems

  1. They stay spiritually connected to the abuser, and are open to what I call “long-distance” abuse.
  2. They stay connected to the abuser through a current victim that they want to help.

Until you completely sever all inappropriate spiritual and every-day ties, you’ll be bound up in the narcissist’s nightmare world.

Don’t leave your heart hanging on the fence! 

This is hard!  Because you are caring, sensitive, and helpful by nature. 

That’s why the narc picked you.

Your parents probably trained you to go beyond your normal helpfulness and sacrifice your wellbeing for them.  So, pushing hard to help someone you care about as an adult is second nature.  It feels like you can do it.  And because you’re loyal and devoted, you dig the fuck in and fight to help.

But it leaves you stuck in an impossible situation.

I help people like you turn those abilities and skills into something you help yourself with.  To make YOUR LIFE better.

You deserve that, don’t you?!

It’s like going to college to turn your life around.

My program is designed to work with you right where you are NOW and heal your

  • heart
  • spirit
  • emotions
  • brain
  • hormones

I’m your personal, private, intensive spiritual coach and healer, guiding you through some of the toughest things you’ve got to face and do, but supporting you through it over to the other side.

What’s on the other side?

  • freedom and peace that so far you’ve only been able to dream about
  • vibrant energy
  • self-confidence
  • healthy thought patterns (no more “over and over”)
  • more money (you won’t be wasting it on booze, drugs, overeating, overshopping…)

I can help you get that part of your heart back again so that you can live a full, healthy, happy life.

Contact me before these coveted coaching spots are filled!  It could be a year before any open up again.




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