Addictions to all sorts of things including

  • Drugs
  • Booze
  • Sex
  • Gambling

They won’t let you see their phones text messages pictures social media

  • Check their phones for hookup apps
  • Check your phone and vehicle for tracking devices

They want to control you

They start with something really small that seems totally innocuous yet also odd, and with a normal person you would do it to make them realize that they can trust you, but that’s never enough for the narcissist. Once they’ve accomplished getting you to submit into that, they’ll come up with a new thing and another thing and another thing.

They have double standards

One set of rules for you, and a completely different set of rules for them, essentially adding up to they can do anything they want to and you must not.

Poor Sports

Willing to do anything to win, at any cost.  They’ll even tell you this ahead of time, if the topic comes up, and likely boast about it.  It’s actually a warning.

They ruin events that should be full of joy or at least fun

  • Your birthday
  • Parties
  • Holidays
  • Family gatherings

What they’re doing is trashing you and your feelings right before going into a group gathering so that they can a steal your energy and be make themselves look better and you look bad at the same time in front of a group of people.

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