The current of air – Vyan Vayu, in the veins is said to be the circulator of blood and energy / chi in the body. When this air current starts moving too quickly in the lungs, arteries, and veins, the dis-ease is called the high blood pressure. Performing Vyan mudra 2-3 times a day for 50 minutes each followed by Pran Mudra for 15 minutes helps in regulating blood pressure.

Formation: The tips of Index finger and middle fingers to be joined with the tip of the thumb.


  • Blood pressure –either high or low– is regulated and balanced.
  • Lack of initiative, enthusiasm, slowness of thoughts and perception is corrected.
  • Drowsiness, excessive sleep is overcome.
  • Intolerance to heat, sunstroke can be averted.
  • Excessive sweating, thirst, urination, loose motions, menorrhagia (heavy period) can be overcome.