Chickadees, tufted titmouse, enjoying the birdfeeder.  Your nature video for the day 😉

Spiritual Meaning of Chickadee

Cheerful and truthful expression.

The chickadee is part of the titmouse family.  “Tit” meaning small, and the “mouse” part referring to small, dull-colored  birds.  (14th century lingo).

They are bright, quick, sweet, fierce, determined, bold.

Their black cap points to the thinking process and higher perceptions.  Black is associated with mystery, the feminine, creation, understanding higher truth.

Chickadees are pretty sociable.

There are 7 kinds of chickadees.  Ancient mysticism says that 7 is the symbol of the individual rising from the material plane of life.

Make sure your chakras are well-balanced so that you can have a greater realization of truth around you and express it more joyfully.

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