Rainbow, my Betta fish, appears to have dropsy, a very serious condition. Which ironically set in shortly after he was dropped. Technically, he jumped out of the little fishy net I was using to move him from one container to another while I was cleaning his tank, but regardless of how he got there, he dropped and landed on the floor! I felt absolutely horrible, and still do, especially since dropsy is apparently usually fatal.

Rainbow and I could really use your positive and supportive prayers, vibes, Reiki and love for his complete recovery to happy health. Rainbow is my little buddy! He keeps me company while I work, and normally is perky, energetic and friendly. He’s very cute! But right now, he’s swollen and kind of gray, rather than his usual sleek gorgeous blue.

So, my prayer is that he returns to his normal healthy cobalt blue in all the right places, that his body, particularly his kidneys, is able to flush out all the toxins properly and returns to its healthy shape, that he regains his healthy appetite, and his fins fan out happily.

As I started taking the pictures and video for this post, he started swimming around more than he has in days!  So hopefully, the positive vibes are already working!  I’ll keep you posted, and please feel free to leave prayers and well-wishes in the comments section below, as well as any advice if you know what you’re doing with Bettas, because I’m still learning.

Thank you!!

Here are some pictures of Rainbow today:

Here are the sites I’ve found with what seems to be the best information on Betta dropsy:

  • http://www.bettatalk.com/answer129.htm — bloated betta
  • http://www.bettatalk.com/answer123.htm — signs that a betta is sick
  • http://www.bettatalk.com/betta_diseases.htm — common betta diseases
  • http://www.bettatalk.com/answer125.htm — healthy food suggestions for bettas, which include peas, avocado, and freeze-dried blood worms!  In very small amounts, of course!
  • http://www.nippyfish.net/dropsy.html — some really disheartening pics on this page, but you can really see what dropsy looks like
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