Varun Mudra


Little finger represents water.  And only water can put out the fire.  So touch tip of the thumb with tip of the little finger.  Water will increase in the body and bring down the fire in the body — I mean fever.

Helps open the capacity to communicate clearly and intuitively. It may also stimulate psychic development. Mercury is the planet associated with the little finger, symbolizing quickness and the power of the mind to communicate.

Is basically used for reducing fever and colds, but also to alleviate the pain.

Removes dehydration and blood problems.

Avoid: If having excess water element in the body (oedema or water retention, for instance).

Benefits: Improves the water element, removing conditions of dehydration, dryness that cause indigestion. Helps treat anemia or weak iron absorption. This is useful in joint pains caused by joint dryness, like osteo-arthritic pain. Helps relieve dry eyes; moisturizes the surface of the eyes.
Improves shine of skin.

Cures skin disease.

Advantageous in blood related disease.

Beneficial in gastroenteritis, diarrhea and dehydration.

Relaxes contraction of muscles.

trust & patience
preparation:- pray to god to remove your specific problem.
Reiki 2 :-
reiki 2 channel dissolve blockage in the finger side preferably whole palm
Draw mental & power symbol on palms for better results
Non-reiki people to rub both hands for 1-2 minutes to generate similar energy.
How to do:- touch the little finger tip with thumb tip . apply gentle pressure.


Keep arms & spine erect. Hands can rest on thighs, chair handles, table, bed. Palms preferably open to sky (in receiving mode for cosmic energy).  Exhale more than inhaling, visualizing that the problems are going out with the breaths. Can be done sitting or lying down. If need be, can compromise on others except finger joining.


water & fire . fire destroys excess water and / or brings water element in balance


  1. impurities of blood are removed
  2. diseases due to imbalances & impurities in blood are removed, inflammation reduces.
  3. skin diseases decrease
  4. healthy & shining skin comes out
  5. in cholera & dehydration & gastroenteritis & dysentery problems, symptoms are controlled
  6. stomach ulcers reduce
  7. hemoglobin has been seen to improve
  8. cholesterol has been seen to reduce noticeably adding to better functioning of heart
  9. good for removing acne, pimples, itching, cramps
  10. reduces nervous tension
Remarks :
Can do minimum 15 minutes 3 times a day or 45 minutes at a stretch for chronic conditions.. Can
do more. Consult doctor to reduce medicines.  Not to be done by people having phlegm (cough). In case of less results, just press more. Based on correcting imbalances of 5 elements which constitute the body.
  • Face
  • Skin
  • Blood

Tip of little finger to tip of thumb.

Removes dehydration and blood disorders, pimples.  Clears the skin and brings it into glowing, healthy condition.

Caution: people with ailing kuff (phlegm) should not do this mudra for a long time.


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