You’re invited!

February 7th

7pm New York time

This HEART-OPENING self-love fest will bring you into even greater happiness and self confidence!

I’ll be guiding you through a beautiful cacao ceremony — because chocolate! It boosts mood, energy, creativity, meditation, and heart healing.

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Open to Love

  • Heart Chakra Reiki Healing
  • Group Readings & Coaching
  • Mudras
  • Crystals
  • Essential Oils
  • Singing Bowl (sound healing)
  • Meditation with prompts & journaling

This is for your

  • Happiness
  • Deep connection with your intuition & spiritual gifts
  • Self-Confidence in your new plans

Invite some friends!

PS: are you mentoring with me? You’re included! But please register with me so you get the links and all goodies.

We’re meeting on Zoom and when you register, you’ll receive the link and reminders. Yes, this will be recorded and you can watch later. The energy healing will still transmit.

And you’ll have complementary access to the online self-paced course with an ingredients shopping list, recipes, and guides.

Questions/suggestions/requests? Send me a message through my contact form and let me know!

I’m so excited to be leading you through this life-changing ceremony!!!

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