Ted Williams Golden Radio Voice

Ted Williams working the street to get his radio job

Unhappy with where you are in life?  Screw up at some point?

This homeless guy just turned the corner into a good life — he’s been sober for two and a half years, and standing roadside in Ohio with a small, hand-lettered sign doing voice-over, radio-announcer style for anyone who would listen.  And someone did.  And put the video of him up on YouTube.  Two days ago.  And now he has a job with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  And his own house.  And he’s going back home, no kidding, to visit his mom, who is 92.  He’s been praying he would live and she would live long enough for her to see him do well with his life.  And being a voice-over artist has been his dream since he was 14.  He’s 53 now.  Rock on, man!

Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, in the video that “discovered” him:

And his tv news interview two days later:If at first you don’t succeed, keep kickin’ it until you do.  Be open to changes in your plan, be open to the Divine making miracles unfold before you, but keep taking action.  There is a right time for everything, just as Ecclesiastes, Pete Seger, and the Byrds say in this great song:

If you feel like you are turning and turning and turning and don’t know which direction to go in next, go in deep for Divine Guidance, get some coaching, or an intuitive reading.  You can make amazing miracles happen in your life.

What are your dreams?  What are you working on?  What have you given up on, but secretly in your heart of hearts really want to work out?  Tell us here in the comments, maybe we can help…..  Have you made it big?  Succeeded at something you love?  What made things turn the corner for you?  What are you glad you did?  Tell us in the comments down below >>>

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