Toxic Holiday Detox Course

The holidays can be both awesome and just totally suck.  Simultaneously.

This course is here for you so that you can detox from anything traumatic, whether it was irritation level or done-with-you-forever level.

As with all my courses, feel free to do each section in any order you feel like — that’s part of the point, right?

This is your healing and your time, your gift to yourself of yourself.

The basics:

  • Get the bad out
  • Allow the good to flow
  • Heal from whatever angle(s) you want to start with, but heal from all directions as much as possible.

Healing your liver will help with anger.

You digest your food and your feelings.  A healthy liver promotes clear thinking and inner peace.  Anger, depression, frustration, bitterness, irritibility can all be assuaged with supporting, clearing, and healing the liver.  Mudras are great for helping with these things, and you can get instant relief.  You can even do some of these under the dinner table.

Spiritual Cords

You’re gonna wanna cut these.  Surpiringly simple and quick.  Don’t be surprised when the person you disconnect from comes running.  Be prepared to do this exercise several times a day in the beginning.

Herbal Teas

Grab yourself some organic dandelion and nettle herbal teas.  You can do one packet of each per mug.  Brew for about 10 minutes, with a cover closing in the steam so that the oils stay in the brew.  These are for healing your liver and for –you guessed it– detoxing and supporting your body, mind, and mood.  Peppermint tea is an excellent chaser, and will perk you back up as well as help to dissipate headaches.

Get Out In Nature

The best thing you can do!  Hug a tree.  Yes, really.  Ask it’s permission first, and follow instructions.  They are very wise and kind and often older than us.  Listen to the birds, feel the breezes, squish the dirt, mud, sand, or grass through your toes.

In the winter, listen to the crunch of snow beneath your feet.  Watch your breath float through the cold air.

See how you are a part of everything and everything is a part of you.

Revel in your aliveness!

Toxic Holiday Detox: Open The Present Of Yourself image

Bonus Module: Heal Your Power Center

This is especially helpful if you feel really drained, sucker-punched, and/or helpless.

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