Metaphysical Monday — Two Times Today 1pm and 6pm

Metaphysical Monday — Two Times Today 1pm and 6pm

We’re having Metaphysical Monday today, twice! Turns out there are people from across the globe that want to join us, so pick your time, sign up below or at and see you today! [thanks, but this...

Background on YFZ Story

Yearning For Zion is a group of Mormons, Latter Day Saints is what they like to be called. Recently, their ranch/compound in Texas was raided and all of their children were taken because there is evidence of 13 year old girls being pregnant against their will. It is...

Holistic Education

Just found out about 2 wonderful educational programs for teens. Get details at One sounds like a great summer camp, the other an enriching high school semester. “The Woolman Semester is a high school semester studies program for juniors,...

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