Warren Jeffs Charged Again!

The leader of the FLDS, a Mormon polygamist sect, has been charged with child sex abuse again. Jeffs has been in the news this year for his involvement in the YFZ child sex abuse charges in Texas. This new charge of felony sexual assault of a child comes from a US...

Background on YFZ Story

Yearning For Zion is a group of Mormons, Latter Day Saints is what they like to be called. Recently, their ranch/compound in Texas was raided and all of their children were taken because there is evidence of 13 year old girls being pregnant against their will. It is...

YFZ interviewed by Meredith

The YFZ parents are being interviewed on the Today Show. They feel like they are not being treated justly. Honestly, the women look like robotic Stepford wives. One of them kept blinking very slowly and oddly as if she were drugged. When one of the men was asked if he...
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