think with your own eyes -- spiritual surivival tacticsTo survive Life and to Live Well, it’s imperative that you look at everything clearly, with your own eyes, and process it with your own brain, and be open to your own Spirit’s guidance.

Whether you’re in the military and stationed in a highly dangerous place, working in an urban jungle, in an unhealthy relationship, or just generally ready to change, use your own eyes, your own observations, and your own gut feelings/intuition.  This will keep you safer than following a party line, bullsh!t from compromised superiors, or a line of cr@p from a manipulative lover.

Yes, I’m talking about literally saving your own life.  Physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially.

When you think with your own eyes, you can see and process even the tiniest pieces of information which let you know instantly what to do, where and how to do it, to duck, turn, hide, tuck away, maneuver, charge ahead where there doesn’t seem to be an opening but one will open at the last millisecond.  And yes, the last part is sort of out of Harry Potter, but it’s true.  Be open to miracles, and keep your eyes and all your senses attuned for their imminent arrival and what action you must take when they happen.


Heather Cate's signature, Spiritual Coach for the Creative Soul, Holistic Healer, Psychic Reader



For Mark, in Kabul.  Paranoia is the best friend of those who survive unimaginable dangers.

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PPS:  use herbs to boost your intuition


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