Getting the right test for Lyme Disease can be a lot harder than it should be, partly because most physicians are not Lyme Literate.  The right test is the Western Blot, tested at Igenex.  This hard-won information comes from the numerous people I know who have struggled with Lyme Disease.  Many of them only learned about this test after years of being misdiagnosed and told they were crazy.  During that time, the disease was eating away at their bodies and brains, ruining their lives and bringing them to the brink of death.  So, please take heed and get the Western Blot right from the beginning.  Also, if your doctor does not respond quickly to your request for help, move on to a doctor who is known to help people with Lyme.

Not sure if the tick that bit you was one carrying Lyme and the co-infections?  Check out this page for help with tick identification, and download this handy pocket guide and this handy bookmark.  There are also fun activity worksheets for kids to learn tick safety and identification tips.  Use coupon code LYME to get these downloads for free.

Blessings, and let us know how things are going.

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