The “spring cleaning” technique is a fundamental aspect of feng shui. It’s based on making room for healthy, positive flow of energy, called chi. Chi flows through everything, animate or inanimate. Ever notice how a dirty room filled with junk doesn’t “feel” very good, but once you open the window, let in some sunlight, and clean, the room can feel open, clear, clean and good? Even small amounts of clutter cause that “gunky” feeling. If you are feeling a little less than clear, start getting rid of clutter in your surroundings, and then start removing energetic clutter from your self. This personal clutter can take the form of grudges, old hurts, unhealthy relationships. These, too, can be cleaned, but take some additional clearing which can be helped along by Reiki and simple ceremonies you can do at home. Here’s one to clear your hearing: write down everyone’s name who’s said hurtful things to you, including yourself, on a piece of paper. Burn it, or put it in some water and freeze it for at least 3 months. Or toss it into a river or the ocean and let water take it away.

Be Well!