It’s so windy, it sounds like we’re in one of those testing tunnels, or that jet planes are flying around and around and around us.  Non-stop.  Huge trees on the hill behind us sounded like they were falling, like dominoes.  Just like the Patriot Day storm 4 yrs ago, there is a stream running into our cellar.  Luckily, we have the exit channel cleared out this time, and the water doesn’t appear to be accumulating.  I’m sure the 1-yr-old furnace and water pump and the 4-yr-old water heater appreciate staying dry!  Now that the power is back on, we have heat again, as well as internet connection 😀  We’re really lucky; it’s not too cold out.  I love living in an old house which was well-built and designed to withstand this stuff.  I also love that the roof was finally fixed properly a year ago, too.  And the bathroom plumbing and floor, and the kitchen ceiling that got wrecked before we discovered that the previous plumber had done a crappy job, but right after the brand new tile floor had been laid, at the same time that the well was fixed.

Sometimes, not infrequently, I’ve been frustrated with myself, feeling like I wasn’t accomplishing enough this year.  This does shift my perspective a bit.  The cherry on the top is that my recalcitrant 101-yr-old grandmother is sitting downstairs with her new hearing-assistive device IN!  Hearing, for the first time in years, how my footsteps coming down the stairs really sound, hearing our conversations and joining in.  She’s so smart, so social, and she’d been atrophying in some ways, so it’s wonderful to see her feeling better.  And I don’t have to shout, except to be heard over the wind.  Hope you all are faring as well or better.

Did you know that there are spirits called elementals?  Winds and breezes can be elementals.  Mother Nature calls upon them to clear out that which is no longer needed or beneficial.  We are being cleaned in a tremendous way here tonight. It’s like energy medicine for the Earth.  And it’s physical, of course, too.

It’s nerve-wracking.  Our trees are falling, the most recent one closer to the house.  This I don’t like.  Ironically, the cats have finally calmed down.  They had both been crying at the doors to be let out, but it was too rainy and then too windy for them to actually want to go out.  But they kept at it for quite a while.  Now, they’re both ostensibly napping.  Our power was restored after several hours with it off, kudos to the power people, but it keeps wavering.  Not surprisingly.  These winds sound and feel like a hurricane, in spite of the internet sites saying they’re around 25 mph.

I don’t know if I can sleep through this, although I am getting droopy eyes.  I have most of a book club book to read, The Help, tonight/tomorrow, so I’ll go read.

Have  a great night!