Ok, so we all need humor.

Check out this “demotivator” from Despair, Inc.:

This is a great reminder to be on-target. Mark Twain is quoted as saying “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing twice and expecting different results.” If what you tried the first time didn’t work, try tweaking your approach.

Just like with archery, in life we often know what our goal is, but not quite how to hit the bulls-eye. We may try and try and try again, often getting bruised in the process. And boy, does it hurt! That’s why you can buy a little fore-arm protector, which mostly prevents the bruises, but until you get your form just right, you still won’t hit your target. If you’re not getting it, it’s good to ask someone to coach you. There’s no sense in going through excess pain when someone with a different perspective can help you to refine your form and help you score.

Just like in life, the best way to hit the mark is to breathe in deeply, hold it, concentrate, focus only on your target, slowly let your breath out and release the arrow, keeping your eye only on the target.