Especially healthy for women, tempeh is packed with calcium and iron. One serving has 15% of the daily recommended serving of calcium and 20% of iron, while packing in 38% of protein, and 52% of dietary fiber. Tempeh is a good way to boost your nutrition.

You can cook it lots of different ways and use it instead of meat, too:

  • sliced thinly and fried to a golden crisp, great with a fried egg
  • crumbled and sauteed and used instead of hamburger for Mexican dishes
  • cut into chunks and used with stir-fry

Why are calcium and iron extra important for women? Especially for women who have heavy periods, who are losing more than the normal amount of monthly blood, getting and keeping enough iron can be tough. Most iron supplements, whether in pill or liquid form, are difficult for the body to absorb and cause unpleasant side effects like constipation and crankiness. It can be more effective to improve your overall nutrition and iron count with healthy, iron-packed foods than to take supplements.

There are two types of iron:

  1. from plant sources
  2. from meat sources

Eating a little bit from meat sources along with more from plant sources of iron can help you to absorb the most amount of iron. Add foods like tomatoes and oranges or other citrus, containing Vitamin C, in with that meal, and you’ll absorb the very most. Avoid regular tea with tannins because that can block absorption of iron.
Who cares if they have enough iron? What’s the big deal with anemia, anyway? You have to have enough iron in your blood to grab and hold onto oxygen so that your blood can carry oxygen throughout your body and to your muscles. Without oxygen, the muscles can’t operate properly and you have no energy and are just exhausted doing the most simple things. Calcium is necessary for a variety of things, but is essential for strong bones. Without good bone density which requires good calcium absorption, bones can crack and break easily, causing pain and a chain reaction that eventually leads to a disintegration of the whole body, including the mind. That’s why it’s important to exercise and maintain good balance as you age.

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