Surabhi mudra is also called Dhenu mudra. In Hindi, dhenu means cow. It symbolises virtue (Satvikata) and excellence.  The other meaning of surabhi is Kamadhenu (the special cow) which gives desired boons.  While making the Surabhi mudra, one’s fingers take the shape of udders of a cow. Milk is obtained from the udders of cow, which gives strength to the body.  Similarly, the Surabhi mudra makes the body balanced and strong.  By maintaining balance between wind (vata), bile (pitta) and phlegm (kuff), the body remains healthy.  Imbalance is the source of dis-eases.  Surabhi mudra balances the wind, bile and phlegm. It makes the body healthy and strong.  An improper combination weakens the body.  Balance of all five elements results in health. Fingers of the hand represent all five elements. The balanced order of five elements in the body leads to development. Surabhi mudra strikes balance in all the five elements.


Join the front tips of fingers of both the hands with each other. Make the left forefinger touch the middle finger of right hand. Let the right hand forefinger touch the middle ‘linger of left hand. Similarly, join the ring finger of left hand with little finger, of right hand and the little finger of left hand with ring finger of right hand. Thumbs will be left free. When fingers are put downward, the shape of fingers looks like udders of cow. Thus it is called Surabhi mudra (Dhenu mudra).


Utkatasana is best suited for Surabhi mudra. If there is a difficulty in this asana, this mudra may be practiced in Vajrasana or Sukhasana. Method of Utkatasana The pose of sitting straight on soles of the feet known as Utkatasana.


To start with, practice it for 8 minutes. After practicing it for a week, increase the duration to 16 minutes. Finally this mudra may be practiced up to 48 minutes duration. If it is not possible to do it at a stretch, the duration of 48 minutes may be divided into three sittings.


Navel center becomes healthy.  Helps in yoga practice.  Pacifies urinary diseases.  Makes body healthy and strong.  Makes digestive system healthy.  Cures abdomen-related diseases.  Strikes balance in flows of gland system.  Improves purity of mind.

Special note

In Surabhi mudra air element meets the sky element and earth element meets the water element but fire element (thumb) remains free. The union of air and sky elements stabilizes the Brahmand Chakra. Like Brahmand Chakra, the navel chakra of the body also becomes healthy and steady. Creative power is developed by the union of water and earth of the chakras. In Surabhi mudra several forms are developed with the union of five elements. This has varied results. Methods and results of these are described separately.

Water Surabhi

The little finger represents water element. In Surabhi mudra the thumb is placed at the base of little finger, which starts alleviating bilious problems and diseases. It helps in making kidneys healthy and it rectifies urinary disorders. It is useful for persons with bilious temperament.

Earth Surabhi

The ring finger symbolises earth element. By placing the thumb at the base of ring finger, Surabhi mudra is accomplished. The Earth mudra alleviates diseases related to abdomen. It keeps the digestive system in order. The Earth mudra makes the body powerful. It removes inertia and heaviness.

Sky Surabhi

The middle finger is representative of sky element. This is also called Shunya mudra. Characteristics of emptiness and sound are attributed to sky. This mudra leads to coordination of sounds. The inner sky gets rid of noise. An atmosphere of tranquility is created. Sound of ‘naad’ appears. The feeling of ‘Anaahad naad’ is easily reached through this mudra.

Air Surabhi

In Surabhi mudra when fire element is joined with the ring finger of air element, the development of air element begins. It removes various gastric disorders. These gastric disorders are not revealed by medical examinations. A person starts feeling serenity immediately with the use of Vayu mudra. It increases the steadiness of mind. It is especially useful for those engaged in meditation and worship.


Surabhi mudra should be used only after considering all aspects. If only gastric disorder is there, the five elements can be made to touch the base of air-element finger, which pacifies gastric disorders.  You must keep in mind your own body temperaments.  For people with phlegm temperament, the fire element pacifies the phlegm, but it also reduces the water element. It is therefore suggested to use this mudra for a shorter duration.

It is a multi-dimensional mudra. As such it has some opposing results. The fire element mudra is useful for pacifying gas. But simultaneously it increases heat also.