“The minute you begin to do what you really want to do, it’s really a different kind of life.”

—Buckminster Fuller

success, independence, courageHave confidence in your own inner desires and strength.  They are there to carry you into and through a great life.

What inner desire are you nursing?

If you’re not sure, tell yourself “I am open to knowing my innermost desires and plans for my life.”  Be open for the answer to come at any time, whether it’s immediately, while you’re cooking lunch, or out taking a walk.  Not all of us can sit down quietly, meditate, and get results!  For some of us, physically moving, painting, playing with the kids, driving to work are times when inspiration comes.

By the way, inspiration means “inner breath.” Just like air, it’s available to us at all times.  If we get cut off from it, our spirits choke.  Our spirits, our inner selves, need us to take in inspiration and do something with it and about it.

Take one action step today in implementing the inspiration you receive, and let us know here in the comments what it is!


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