This is the recording from tonight’s call.  There are several guided visualizations for releasing stress, receiving blessings, and sending love and healing both to the world and ourselves.  Below are photos of the headache-clearing mudra and the energy-filling mudra.  Mudras are hand yoga, and work like self-applied acupuncture without the needles.  (Yay!)  Thank you everyone who was on the call, and thank you those of you who are about to listen.


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heal your headache with a mudra yoga for the hands Heather Cate Spiritual Coach for the Creative Soul | Peacock & Paisley ~ Heal & Live Well

Mahasir Mudra : get rid of headache

Pran victory peace

Pran Mudra: victory / peace shape : pull in energy



Pran together

Pran Mudra : together : pull in energy

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