What should you do when someone says they want to kill you? Well, read on for etiquette on dealing with stalkers.

Uma Thurman has been in court fighting the man who has been stalking her for years. As it has been pointed out that John Lennon, of The Beatles, was killed by a stalker. It’s not just someone who’s creepy and says mean things, these stalkers really believe in what they’re doing and in what they’re threatening.

Therefore, if you run into someone who says they’re going to hurt you, whether you’ve never met them before or they’re your best friend, assume the worst. Take them at face value, even if they’re smiling while they say it.

Take action. Protect yourself. Report the threat to the police, file a report, get a restraining order. Take a self-defense class, carry pepper spray or a taser.

Stalking is a strange way of stealing someone’s energy. The amount of upset-ness that anyone, understandably, experiences when they and their loved are threatened is immense. Some people are energetically able to tap into that. They feed off it just like a vampire. They get off on it. They create environments and situations that engender further pain and fear for you. It makes them feel powerful. At their core, however, they feel weak and powerless, otherwise they would never need to steal this power from someone else.

If there is someone in your life, whether they are technically stalking you or they just manage to create and recreate and manipulate situations that make you uncomfortable and which drain you energetically, cut it off spiritually. Breathe in deeply, ask for spiritual and energetic protection, and then mentally picture the connection between you and that person or people, and eliminate it. It might be a thread, it might be a pipeline, a rope, a channel. Next, picture the tool that will get rid of it for you. Could be a sword, nail scissors, chain saw, bomb, anything. Use it and cut the connection. Pull any connection to your body off/out. Place healing light where it connected to you, and mentally seal that spot and the rest of you from any further unhealthy connections. Pray/intend that you and all who are affected by these changes are safe and healthy. Don’t discuss this with anyone, but you will feel and see ripple effects. The people around you and particularly the person in question will feel different. Pray/intend that the changes of of the highest good for all involved.

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