Spring is a great time to let go of the old past and let the new burst forth. But the new always has to have room in order to move forward. So this is a great time to harness the energy of the season and toss anything you no longer want, that doesn’t ring your bells. While you’re doing it, consciously let the Universe know that you are releasing these things to make room for better things to come into your life.

There may be nothing at all wrong with the “stuff” you’re releasing, but if it no longer serves you, LET IT GO!! 🙂 This also applies to relationships. Release everything with love. May it find a better connection with someone else somewhere else, and usher in the new!

Were you brought up by people who survived hard times? The kind who save everything, “just in case”? This can be a useful technique, but if it isn’t carefully kept in check can lead to overwhelming clutter. Here are a few tried and true alternatives to throwing “useful” stuff out:

  1. Goodwill, Salvation Army, your church or temple’s support services. Got big stuff? Give these groups a call; they will often send someone with a truck to pick up. There may be a fee. Check here for a Goodwill near you.
  2. Stock the “curb shopping” shelf — put things by the curb with a big free sign next to them and watch them walk away.
  3. Send an email to all your friends listing the stuff you want to give away or sell.
  4. Sell things on craigslist.org. Be sure to get onto the section of Craigslist that covers your local area, unless you really want to mail things.
  5. Join Freecycle on Yahoo Groups. This is a group, organized by geographic location, that exchanges items for free. There are nearly 7000 of these Freecycle groups! Once you click on the above link, you’ll probably want to search by the terms “freecycle [your location]”. Now remember, you’re there to get rid of stuff! You’ll probably see things that you want, but try to hold off until you’ve cleaned out your old stuff first. Unless you see something you really really really want. Of course. Just cycle more out than in.

What’s the point of all this? To Make Room for the new adventures, friends, business, clients, jobs, and love you are ready to draw in. Want some help with this? Email me for life coaching heather[at]peacockandpaisley[dot]com.