I’m watching a great documentary on PBS about spinal cord energy. It traces the personal and professional progress of Dr. John Kessler, his family, colleagues, and friends as they first encounter spinal cord injuries and struggle to confront and deal with them. He and his teams are doing research to develop ways to regrow spinal cord tissue. Why’s he so motivated? Because his daughter and a friend’s daughter are both paralyzed and in wheel chairs.

nerve cellsPart of what Kessler’s team is attempting to create is the cellular structure which nerve fibers reach out into and grow, somewhat like vines. Yes, I love gardening, and I love energy healing. The challenge with spinal cord injuries is that the scar tissue which forms blocks the regrowth of nerve fibers. The fibers are willing to grow, but they need a structure in which to grow.

What the spinal cord repair doctor and his team are developing is a special gel which can be injected into the spinal cord at the injury site. The gel looks like a promising growth medium for nerve fibers, and they are continuing their research.

I wonder how energy healing can help them. On a cellular level, energy work speeds healing; it helps the body to heal itself. Energy healing also works on the spirit, and on one’s mental healing. When the mind and spirit and body are aligned to reach a goal, it happens much more quickly.