Soul Garden

An extraordinary collection of tools, techniques, courses & guided meditations

built from decades of study and practice

incorporating the best of ancient wisdom and our modern world


You’ll have access to an amazing library of self-paced courses and self-healing tools

Tend to your inner garden and watch your outer world blossom with love, power, health, and happiness.

Activate and align your heart-centered truth with your inner power.

Walk through this beautiful healing garden and pick what you need to heal yourself.

Tend to the garden of your soul.

Grow the garden you need and want, rather than wait for others to bring you flowers.

Need a step-by-step customized approach? Book a 1:1 and I’ll create a unique program for you.

Want ongoing support? Apply for mentorship with me.

Keep taking steps as your heart leads you — you’re moving in the right direction!

There are many healing tools here.  Let your spirit and intuition guide you about where to start.

YOU are in control here.


You Have The Tools

  • daily practices
  • emergency touch-ups
  • helpful foods and herbs
  • physical exercises
  • uplifting affirmations/mantras/prayers

Everything is interwoven and interconnected.

Like clouds floating by and through each other.

Like a spiral staircase…. you travel a distance, and it seems like you’ve ended up in the same place, but actually you have made progress.

This is a feminine, intuitive approach to healing.

It works with your Divinely-given, built-in healing ability.  Yes, you have it.  We are all born with it.

Gentle and powerful.

Be patient and kind with yourself.

Your spirit, emotions, and body know how to heal you.

Every little thing you do every day helps you.

Move the pebbles to shift the boulder.

If you find yourself on a path you no longer like, pick a new one.  You’ll always grow no matter what the direction.

The Soul Garden gives you the control, the choices, the options.  Change your direction, sip a different cup of tea, plant a new flower.


This is a Choose Your Own Adventure Healing Portal.

It’s designed to expand and strengthen your intuitive connection with yourself, in addition to healing body, mind, and spirit.

  1. Tap on a topic — a word or a picture, a feeling, symptom, problem, or goal– which is your top priority right now from the Garden.  The corresponding pictures will line up below the list of words.
  2. Tap on a picture that calls to you.  That will open a page with instructions and explanations. 
  3. Do the exercises.  Take what you need — go deep or just take a bite.  Do what works for you.
  4. Use the checklist if you want to keep track of what you’ve done so far, but definitely repeat as needed.
  5. Keep going.  Move the pebble to shift the boulder.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Do as you want and need, but daily self-care is a good thing.
  6. Ask for help if you want it.

Starting Points

or scroll down for the whole garden


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