Life brings storms to us — what do we do when we encounter them?  Are we properly preparing for them?  How hard or easy is it to change in circumstances where not doing so puts us at risk?

Here’s a video of my drive this morning — I had a plan, I was going to beat the worst of the storm and be back home safe and sound after having accomplished my tasks, which, actually, had to be put off from yesterday afternoon because of a conflict between other commitments and inaccurate information.  But what I had to do wasn’t worth the risk of crashing the car, or my getting hurt, even if I end up having to pay a price for not doing the stuff today.  And I mean all of that literally.

Lori A. Perine came up with a great question for the day:

Will I accept conditions as they are and be alert to the opportunities in the moment?

Perfect question, perfect thing to think about.

If you’re not sure whether to readjust or in which ways, ask for signs.

They’ll show up, sometimes literally a sign, or words painted on a passing truck, phrases from a song, things people say to you (not knowing what’s running through the back of your mind, just random comments).  Sometimes, you’ll get direct, in-your-face answers, usually when you haven’t been listening.  Don’t wait for those; don’t take too long.  The Universe starts out quiet and slow and gentle, but if you’re not “getting it”, meaning the signs, it will ramp things up.  If It needs to whack you over the head, it will.  That’s not pleasant, so just take action in the beginning.

woodshed 120909 010Plan ahead when you know a storm is coming

Luckily for us, when it comes to winter storms in New England, we generally know well in advance what’s coming and pretty much when.  A few days ago, when the ground was still covered with lovely green grass, I stocked up the woodshed next to the house.  It’s much easier to haul wood in a wheelbarrow across clear ground, rather than strapping on snow shoes and dragging a sled full of wood.  So, I knew it was the best last time for the winter to really stock up.  The wood is a big deal for us, because for some ridiculous reason, the power goes out in our neighborhood if God sneezes.  Some wind, a little rain, poof.  It’s out.  Which means our furnace stops running, and so does our plumbing, since we draw off a well and need the electricity to run a pump.  Yes, we should have a generator….  Luckily, this 170-year-old house was built to run without modern conveniences, and we have a super, large fireplace which does the trick for short times.  And, TMI, we fill the bathtubs with water and use buckets to flush the toilets.  Back in the day, people just stepped out in the freezing cold and used the outhouse, which by the way, is still there, right next to the woodshed.

Do you feel any storms brewing in your life?  What do you need to do to prepare?

If you know, what’s holding you back?  If you don’t know, apply the above suggestions in regard to getting signs.  It’s so easy and simple, and is actually fun!  Yes, The Universe has a heck of a sense of humor.  For instance, I once asked, after moving several times in a few years and having crazy neighbors and such, for a “stable living environment.”  Ahunh.  You guessed it.  I should have known.  I mean, I was an English major.  I’m a writer and a marketing consultant.  I’m all about words.  Yup, but it wasn’t until we were actually in the process of moving in to an apartment above a horse barn that it dawned on me like a V-8 forehead slap.  I’d gotten exactly what I asked for.  The neighbors were still crazy and the barn moved in the wind, but we lived in a stable living environment!   Be careful what you ask for, and spell it out very clearly and specifically.

When you want it badly enough to risk your wellbeing, ask yourself why.

Sometimes we just really really really want something, or to do something, but blocks are put in our way.  Often, this is because behind the scenes, our lives our being assisted and we don’t know how all the pieces fit together.  We don’t need to know, although it’s fun to find out in the end.  If we push past those protective barriers, we put ourselves at risk, we may ruin the special gifts that are being orchestrated for us “behind the curtain.”  How can you tell the difference between when you need to work harder, be bolder, pursue doggedly, and when to back down? If you would put the wellbeing of yourself or others at risk, it’s time to consider things carefully.  If you’re not sure, ask for divine guidance.  If a strange block arrives out of the blue, unexpectedly, and seems to be beyond your control, reconsider.  Weigh the risks and the consequences.  If you’re stuck in a war zone, it’s riskier to stay than to find a way out, so go ahead.  If there’s a bump in the road and you know you can get over it with just a little more effort and it won’t damage anyone, go for it!  Sometimes, we don’t value ourselves enough, we don’t respect others enough, we’re ungrounded or imbalanced.  If any of those things are factors, slow down, restructure, figure out what you need to change and heal, and then move forward.

Where does this apply?

  • work/career/business
  • relationships
  • vacationing
  • driving to the supermarket to get groceries
  • child rearing
  • cooking dinner
  • purchases
  • challenging conversations
  • the list is endless! for life coaching, spiritual coaching, energy healing.