Remember to support your kids — they may have fears they can’t adequately express, or that you misunderstand.  I know of a first-grader who was scared about going to school for the first time – she’d been homeschooled for kindergarten.  Her mom eventually asked her what she was scared about, and it turned out she was afraid she would have a test right away!  Her mom was able to reassure her that it would be at least a week before a test came around, and suggested she tell her teacher that she was nervous about this.  The little girl was brave enough, and did talk with her teacher, who was able to reassure her that it would be at least 2 whole weeks before any tests came up!

Every child is different, with different vulnerabilities and fears.  Encourage yours to talk with you.  Be open and willing to understand and kindly support them, whatever it is that’s on their mind.  They will love you for it, and they will grow more confident.  They will also grow into teenagers who feel comfortable talking with you as they confront even bigger issues.

Did you know apples can make it really hard for some kids to concentrate?

Some children are nervous about making new friends, meeting new people, being in a strange building, being managed by adults they don’t know, feeling intimidated by a large cafeteria, looking different, not having the right pens/pencils/crayons/etc.  You can help your kids to be self-confident, grounded, centered.

Try doing some kids yoga with them, teaching them how to breath carefully so as to calm down, what to look for in people’s faces so that they can tell what’s going on with them, take them to do a fun or relaxing physical activity after their first day or first test.

Feed your kids well.   The foods they eat have a major impact on their ability to concentrate, remember, and get along with their classmates.  Food has a huge impact on a child’s ability to perform well in school.  If your children are having trouble concentrating in class, if their teacher says they are disruptive, and/or if they are driving you crazy at home, change their foods.   For a guide on dealing with ADD and ADHD naturally, including special dietary guidelines, please consider buying our ADHD / ADD signs symptoms and management book .

Try it out, let us know what you think of it.