The last couple of days, I’ve been getting reminders from Spirit not to waste any time, to love, to do what you want,

say yesbecause people and opportunities are not always available in the way that you would like.

When I hopped on Facebook this morning, I discovered that someone I know is passing.

So, hug the ones you love, dump the ones you don’t, do what you want, what fills you with joy, laughter and thrills, and make sure you make the most of your every moment as the moment happens.

That may mean taking a nap, painting your toenails, hiking Mt. Killimanjaro, visiting with your best friends, kissing your babies and drinking in their scent, saying yes to being with your lover.

Because no matter how good you are at talking with the dead, once they’re gone from the physical world, you can’t experience them in the same ways.

It’s time to stop rolling the dice, debating pros and cons, continuously gathering input.  Now is the time to just say YES!  with all your heart and might and soul, YES to LIFE and FUN!

As I was writing this post, my mother’s cousin, Ginny, who is rounding the corner on 86 years of age, whose boyfriend is 92, called to say that a friend, who is 50, just a little older than I am, had just dropped dead.  Raymond, her boyfriend and one of the last living survivors of World War 2’s D-Day, always reminds her to live for now, right now, do what you want to do right now, you never know when you might not be here.

It’s almost too much, these tremendous huge repetitive messages from Spirit today.  So obvious, so direct.

What’s on my YES list?

  1. dancing.  I want to go dancing tonight.
  2. falling in love.  I’d like to meet a wonderful man asap and fall in love.
  3. living happily ever after.

What’s on your list?


Love yourself ♥

Heather Cate's signature, Spiritual Coach for the Creative Soul, Holistic Healer, Psychic Reader

PS:  if you know some wonderful men who are looking for a wonderful woman, please send them my way!