Don’t let businesses trash our state!

We all rely on clean water, clean air, and clean earth. Our new governor, LePage, is proposing that several important environmental protection laws be thrown out – leaving our wonderful Maine environment exposed and threatened by toxic chemicals and increased building in our wild green places.

Please take the time to be an activist for our Maine way of life – for our healthy environment, clean air, clean water, and safe, healthy earth. We all must stand up NOW and work towards environmentally friendly policies, not against them.

Here’s a link to a Maine Pulic Radio program about the issues:

You can email the committee to protest these changes by following this link:

And there are many public hearings about this legislature happening across the state. Show up and be heard!

Blessed Be,
Keri Stratton Alley

The right to keep our state free of toxins is being threatened -- take action today to keep our rights, our land, and our health vibrant!

Keep Maine Beautiful!

We don’t want to be saying “Welcome to Maine, the Way Life Used to Be”!

Get involved! This is our state to live in healthily.  We don’t have to sacrifice our health for commerce.  We can have both.

Even if you don’t personally enjoy the out-of-doors, tourism is one of our biggest employers and sources of income.  We need the money and we need our health.  Toxins in your neighbor’s yard seep into yours, making you, your family, and your pets sick.  Keep this from happening by making sure your legislators keep in place our environmental protection laws today.

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