Shell posture, conch. First aid for throat and larynx.

The conch shell is considered to be an auspicious object in the Indian system. It is used for worshiping God. It is with the sound of conch that the doors of temples are opened. Our lives are most affected by sound. The sound waves prevent calamities and also help in attaining the desired goals.


Hold left thumb in right fist.  Touch top of left index finger to tip of right thumb.


  • Thyroid function and correction
  • Intestines
  • Digestion

The thyroid affects weight, skin, hair, and nail health.  Whether you want to gain or lose weight, mudras helping the thyroid will balance it in the right direction.

Just make sure you continue to do the mudra even as you progress.  Our bodies work very hard to do what they think we want, and when we make a change in one direction, they can think that something has gone wrong and work doubly hard to get things back to the way they were.  So, keep doing the mudra over the course of weeks.