Not good.

But Mainers also voted to make pot legal, the medical kind.  Considering the economy is so bad in Maine, and has been since long before the recession, that lots of people are paying the bills producing and selling the stuff without the hassle of a license, none of this makes sense.  Especially since moving to New Hampshire, where gay marriage is legal, is easy, it’s a stone’s throw away (maybe that’s a bad choice of words, but within spitting distance isn’t any good, either).  For those of us in the southern tip of Maine, NH is where we shop, get our hair cut, go to the doctor, etc. etc. etc.  NH is business-supportive, personally liberal (at least in southern NH).  Starting to be a no-brainer.  Ooops, I mean brain-drain……

But I’m tremendously partial to the land, beaches, and lakes here in Maine.

Come on, people, equality for all!!  Social justice inherently requires fair and equal treatment and rights for everyone.

Peacock & Paisley