grizzly bear and salmon totems medicineDo you feel like you are facing a massive up-hill climb in some part of your life and it involves a lot of risks?  Call in Salmon.  Salmon jumps amazing heights and hurdles to get to her origins in order to produce offspring.  S/he has traveled many waters in her life, both fresh and salty, lived in small creeks and a massive ocean.  S/he doesn’t partner, but travels among many of her kind.  S/he has amazing vitality and life force and a powerful innate knowing of what to do when and where and how hard to work to make it happen.salmon medicine totem

There are probably lots of people doing what you’re being guided and urged to do.  Lots of them probably aren’t making it.  But that’s ok.  There is an element of safety in numbers, that many of you must do this thing, so that the majority of you will make it, and so that the fertilized eggs are settled in their beds, so that life will go on.  There’s a huge process, an ecosystem, counting on you, on your fellow salmon, and on your spawn.  Even those who do not make it all the way upstream are still contributing to the larger picture and their valiant efforts and corporal contribution are magnificent.


If Salmon shows up in your life, wisdom, knowledge, drive and persistence are being given to you.salmon totem medicine

  • Instinct, persistence, strength, endurance, determination, resiliency and the ability to overcome obstacles
  • Find your place of source, whether that’s physical or spiritual
  • The color coral is important.  elements of red, orange, pink, and yellow
    • Love for self and others (pink),
    • courage, strength and persistence (red)
    • clan, passion, creativity and reproduction (orange).
  • Salmon Medicine is also extremely powerful for overcoming fear, scarcity or lack.
  • Salmon Totem can also aid in improving heart function and represents the ability to live a long life, filled with passion, accomplishment and the ability to overcome all obstacles.
  • Ancestral knowledge, water (feeling, intuition, the deep wells of wisdom, knowledge, inner knowledge, ancient knowledge, cosmic knowledge), and healing
  • Salmon teaches how to balance and use the emotions to develop the spirit
  • salmon totemAntibiotics are your enemy.  Pacific wild salmon are dying out because of the antibiotics salmon farmers feed their captive fish.  Your system likely cannot handle antibiotics, which are commonly found in farm-raised fish and shellfish.  To avoid eating contaminated and poisoned water food, be diligent in checking the source of the food.  Try to get wild food; it will help your local economy, minimize the fossil fuels used to transport your food, and give you a fresher product.  Buy “frozen at sea” foods if necessary.
  • There are lots of varieties of salmon, some of which are land-locked
  • Check out Bear as a totem — Bear interacts in a really important way with Salmon – bear needs salmon to survive; feasting on salmon is a crucial part of how bears build up enough reserves to survive winter.  When there are plenty of salmon around, bears will eat just the brains of the salmon because it’s more efficient than eating the whole fish.  Salmon brains have a huge fat and nutritional content.
  • Give it your all — whatever goal you are working towards, use Salmon energy and vitality to push beyond all normal limits, to jump over boundaries, to force your way upstream, against the flow, against the odds.  Never give up.  Your effort make it possible for people to come after you.  Without your efforts, they will never exist.  If you feel driven even though you don’t entirely know why, follow those instincts!  They’re vitally important.
  • Once you’ve achieved your goal, take a rest — ok, the salmon dies at this point, but you just take a nice vacation, get a massage, turn off your phone.

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