I didn’t see that full episode of The View, but it seems that Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie had a major disagreement over the difference between characterizing what the U.S. government is doing in Iraq and what our troops are doing over there. Additionally, apparently, the management of The View didn’t back Rosie up in the way they handled her part of the debate.

Here’s a clip of the episode. My take on this is that Rosie’s underlying issue with Elisabeth is that E did nothing to support or defend Rosie while R was attacked by various media. The media were trying to say that R condemns our troops, which is the opposite of R’s position. All E needed to do was say something to the effect of “while Rosie and I have many differing views on the war, Rosie and I do agree in our support of the troops.” Check out the last 2 minutes for the crux of the situation, but the whole video gives the build-up. It’s clear that the producers wanted the blow-out. Rosie was polite with Elisabeth even in the face of E’s rudeness and betrayal :[youtube Ek1K6TYssa4 nolink]Here’s a snippet from Rosie’s blog about the fight:

Charlotte writes:

Hey Ro!

Do you feel exploited by the show? I get the feeling there was more than just the fight with EH. U brought up ratings, the EPs made money. EH didn’t control the split screen. Thoughts?

Rosie writes:

ding ding ding

Here’s another one:

DEB writes:


Rosie writes:

shame on u deb
for believing the lie
that r government cares about ur son
walter reed
3600 dead
i love them and will fight to keep them alive

Some of us are here to fight for what is right against unjustly-wielded power. My guess is that Rosie is one of those special warriors. It takes strength, courage, and an indomitable spirit to fight that way. I appreciate that. That type of person is often a type of Indigo, helping to make way for the next waves of lightworkers, often referred to as Crystal people. Some people consider these Indigo warriors to be obstreperous, argumentative, non-conforming. Whether this is good or bad just depends on your point of view. There are times and places to fall in line, but if that’s all you ever do, you’re just a slave, a sheep, a cow. And that’s putting a bad face on perfectly lovely animals!

We need to speak out, to act against that which harms us, our families, our communities, our countries, and our world.

Some thoughtful questions for you:

  • How many Iraqis have died since we invaded?
  • How many died under Saddam?
  • How many of our soldiers have died in Iraq?
  • How many of our soldiers (National Guard, etc.) have helped our own people in Louisiana?
  • What percentage of our people displaced by Hurricane Katrina have been able to move back home?
  • How much money has our government spent in Iraq?
  • How much money has our government spent to help our people recover from Hurricane Katrina?

When the people who control the outcome of your work not only exploit you but also cause you damage in the process, it’s time to leave. Good for Rosie for quitting. Sometimes, it’s the best thing you can do. It opens up room for other possibilities. And she’s smart about her career; she’s working on a number of other projects simultaneously. You must take good care of your spirit in order to produce good work, and when you’re under attack, you can’t. I think Rosie’s also keeping her integrity and public image intact. She has messages to share with the world that matter, and you can’t do that when someone bastardizes the message. Rosie has strong beliefs and does good for the world by putting her money and clout where her mouth is.

What do you believe in? What do you do to further that in the world? We all have power; we must use it wisely.

How do you help people?

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