If you’ve been feeling kicked around and seriously banged up lately, you’re probably ready to make some big changes, and you’ll be thrilled to read the stuff below.

You’ll also probably be really glad to know there’s a specific time to initiate these changes, to formally log your requests/demands/manfestations with the Universe, and it happens to be early this morning (for North America; elsewhere, you may already be in the midst) so get crackin’ and hand-write your list.
“On the day Venus initially slips into Scorpio, she follows a New Moon in Virgo which promotes beginnings. Venus also ill-fatedly aligns with Jupiter on this day and results in the need for adjustment. It could be adjusting one’s point of view and making a conscious effort to see from another perspective; or adjusting one’s attitude to reflect a more positive, yet realistic, outlook and be more solutions-oriented. Together with the New Moon, the first two weeks of Venus’ transit in Scorpio can provide a renewal in our relationships, finances and help redefine our values and self-worth.”     http://www.astrogrrl.com/2010/09/venus-in-scorpio-sep-8-to-nov-7-2010.html
Personally, I am thrilled.  These last few weeks have been busting my booty.  It’s honestly feeling like a carwash that uses 2x4s new mooninstead of those lovely soft rags.  I am ready to change, ready for change, and actively asking the Universe to provide it.
But this morning at 6:30 ET / 3:30 PT (North America) is THE time to lodge your formal list of demands with the Divine.  That’s when the New Moon is official.  Putting together your List is best done in the 8 hours following the New Moon, but at least within 48 hours.  Each hour away from the official start time means less potency.  Want some help pulling it together?  Check out this excellent resource: http://www.dailyom.com/library/000/000/000000210.html
If you have more questions or need help clearing and focusing, set up a reading with me.