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Ladies, you know what I mean.  If your periods are too heavy, too painful, too frequent, this post’s for you.

Press here to help regulate your period, and dig right in:

Here’s how to locate the spot:

About three finger-widths down from the V between your big toe and “middle” toe, in between the long toe bones in your foot.  The spot is where my index finger is touching at its tip:

I also highly recommend Shepherd’s Purse tincture when you’re looking to wrap up an over-long or over-heavy period.

Peacock & Paisley
Disclaimer: I’m not an MD, so use your good senses to know what’s right for you, and talk with one if you need to.
How to locate pressure point on foot for period relief


  1. Debra McKeown

    Is there a pressure point to help start a late period? Mine comes every 35 days and I want it on a 28 day cycle. My pms lasts forever!!10 or more days. I’d like to become regular. Anyway to get things moving?

  2. Garuda

    Have had good results with reflexology for different things at home. Just tried this on my girl friend with very good results, thank you Heather.


  3. Heather

    Anybody who tries this, please let me know how it goes for you. How were my pointers, what were your symptoms before, what are they like afterwards, did it clear everything up for you. Anonymity is absolutely fine 🙂

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