Do you ever feel torn apart? Like people are taking a piece of you here, a piece of you there?

I’ve got a secret for you — they are!

It’s why you feel tired, not all yourself, that you just don’t have the inner resources to give your all to your kids, and your parents, and your work, and your partner, and — heavens-to-Betsy — yourself.

When we’re dedicated to something or someone, when we care, we often give a part of ourselves metaphysically. To regain your sense of wholeness, of balance, take a couple of minutes and do a holistic healing meditation.

Sit down if you can. Close your eyes, or look at something beautiful that calms and refreshes you — a nature scene, a gorgeous piece of art. Ask the Universe, God, your Higher Power, to protect you and assist you. Breathe slowly in and out a few times, until you feel your mind and body relax (at least somewhat, this part can take practice but you’ll get results even on your first try). Open yourself to receive back your energies, the pieces of you. On an in-breath, ask all of your parts to return. Breath out, relaxing, letting them come rushing back, filtering in, rejoining you. Continue breathing fully, deeply, relaxing while you adjust. Take a healing breath in. As you breath out, release any energy that is not yours, that isn’t good for you. When that is use color to protect yourself | Peacock & Paisley | Heather Cate, Spiritual Coach for the Creative Souldone, picture yourself wrapping a beautiful cloak or blanket, of any color or colors, all around yourself to keep everything that is yours with you and to protect you. When you are satisfied, take a huge breath in, and congratulate yourself.

Take note of how you feel just after this meditation. You should feel wonderful, balanced, relaxed, clear, focused, perhaps joyous.

For more holistic healing meditations, go to the Peacock & Paisley healing resources page.

Curious about the spiritual principals involved in this meditation? It’s a low-key form of soul retrieval. You may also be interested in another spiritual healing technique called “cord-cutting.” More on that in up-coming posts.

Want someone to help you do the clearing and calling-back?  To help you protect yourself?  Set up an appointment with Heather Cate.

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