Unforgivable Things: How To Clear From Them

Feeling stuck in stuff you don’t like?

Let go of resentments, bitterness, entanglements.

Some people call it forgiveness.

But some things feel unforgiveable.

What to do?!?

Learn techniques to step out of the doodoo and into a life you love.

  • meditations
  • Divine support
  • angelic support
  • visualizations

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How To Clear The Unforgivable


Forgive Yourself

  • if there are wrongs you need to fix, fix them/you
  • give yourself grace, understanding, compassion
  • lift your chin
  • do better
  • love yourself

Get Clarity On Actual Crime

  • best you can
  • rolling target as you continue to heal

Dump The Shit


  • not your responsibility    to fix, heal, repair, lift up
  • good and evil are parting ways
    • hard / extra heart-breaking because 
      • abandoning that abuser permanently
      • there used to be some mixture/mixing, now things are being centrifuged.
      • the trains are departing the station and going in divergent directions
      • this was a last-chance lifetime
      • you will probably not be able to connect with this person “on the other side”
    • imperative now, else you also stuck
  • stop holding on
    • them to you and stealing your energy
    • you to abuser and sending energy



This is for you, not them.

Spiritually clear and protect.

Then do techniques.

  • Bag/Balloon Technique
  • leave it at the feet of The Divine
  • paper & burn/water/flush
  • plate of salt, place hands over, wash down sink
  • cord-cutting, frequent
  • visualize energetic body :: remove, dissolve, heal, seal
    • where are lumps
    • implants
    • growths
    • chains
    • hatred
  • pray for help, for the grace to forgive
  • shake the dust from your feet.  Jesus told the disciples that if they found no peace within a household or a town, they should leave and shake the dust from their feet.  You did your best.  Don’t waste any more time or energy on them.