Uncork Yourself

Shake things up, blast out the cork, and let your ideas flow.

Let them be messy, let them get all over the place, let them fly and land where they will.

“While linear thinking goes from A to B to C to D, non-linear thinking, or creative thinking, goes from Q to Venus to Peacock by way of glitter and winds up on your front doorstep at midnight with a bottle of champagne.”  ~ Jill Allison Bryan

What’s your best inspiration?

What idea came to you recently?  What are you doing with it? 

Here are a few things you can do to boost your creativity:

  • Fresh flowers – the colors and scents freshen and brighten your spirits and the flowers themselves cheer you on
  • Spritz essential oil spray – it clears away grody energy and pulls in beautiful energy
  • Take a walk outside – the exercise is good, it pumps blood and oxygen all around which is good for your brain and your whole body, as well as clearing your spiritual energy.  Use it as meditation, too, and allow guidance to flow to you.
  • Shower or bathe – water is clearing, grounding, and healing, and splashing around in it is fun, relaxing.  You can get some of the very best ideas in the shower. 
  • Picnic – food and the outdoors!  Doing something different, anything different, from your usual routine will open you for the flow of creativity.  Creating a special meal which is packaged differently builds in layers of self-care and fun.

What are your favorite creativity boosters?

Allow yourself to play like a kid.

What did you used to love doing that you haven’t done in a long time? 

It’s time to do it now!

What fills you to over-bursting with joy? 

Do it now!

You are

  • free
  • safe
  • strong
  • beautiful
  • funny
  • creative
  • warm
  • kind
  • loving

What activities allow you to be and do those things in ways you enjoy?

Do them!


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