Snowy Forest Guided Meditation

As you walk through the forest, try to drop behind you all the crap you went through, all the crap people threw on you, all the negative energy that they put into trying to make you feel like shit.  Even if they weren’t consciously trying, just shake it off, let it fall away.  Let Nature transmute it, change its negativity into something beautiful and positive.  You don’t have to know what that is, you don’t have to look after it.  All you have to do is agree to release it.

As you walk further along, look up, look at the majestic tree tops, the patterns their branches form, look at the sky.  Breathe.  Let their gentle love root you down into Mother Earth — get grounded.  Get nourished, receive Life Force up through your feet, through your root chakra, up into your body, through your system, and up out into the sky.  Draw down healing, purifying, protective energy from the sky.  Let is fall down through and around you like a waterfall, down into the Earth, taking with it anything that’s not good for you which you are ready to release.  Is there anything you’re secretly holding on to?  Like unhealthy patterns, unhealthy relationships, toxic energy?  If you’re not really ready, you don’t have to release it, but it’s ok to acknowledge it.  You can deal with it when you’re ready.

You may feel grief about these releasings.  This is very normal, and it’s ok to grieve, ok to release, and very important to honor yourself and take care of yourself.

Let each step further into the woods take you further away from toxic shtuff and further into You.

You come to a small stream.  You watch the water flow by, the trickle moving ever onward.  You don’t know where it’s coming from, or where it’s going, but it’s doing it’s thing.  Just like you are.  Let yourself flow like the water, positive, bubbly, moving forward.

Let the stream be a break between you and the past, between you and unhealthy events, people situations, relationships, patterns.  Step over the stream and leave as much of that behind as you are ready to.  Step over and into a new phase of your life.

Yay!  That was a big step!  Celebrate it!  Woohoo!

Keep walking up the hill, through the trees, past rocks.

You come to an opening in a stone wall.  It’s like stepping over a threshold, into your new state of being, your safe place, Your Present.

Enjoy it, because it and you are a gift!!!