Mirror Shield

Imagine yourself behind a 2-way mirror shield

This is the same concept as bubble protection, but stronger.

You can see through it, like a full-body riot police shield, but the mirror bounces things away from you.

You can aim the bad away, or back at the abuser.

Think of it as a full-body frontal shield.

Take it down when you’re done.

You’ll see confusion in their eyes that their attack is not working.  Then you’ll see recognition.  They may not like what they see of themselves.  As soon as they recognize what’s happening, they’ll stop.  They may re-group and attack a different way.

Use with extreme caution against a narcissist.

Works extremely well with regular people who are being rotten, but who aren’t rotten to the core.

It’s best to bounce away from a narcissist so that you are protected but they don’t realize what’s happening.

Two immediate things will happen if you direct at a narcissist:

  1. they will see themselves and not like it
  2. they will realize that you see them for what they are

If they are dangerous, they will become more so.

If you bounce back at them, they will spiritually/energetically experience what they are sending at you, depending on their personal levels of protection and defense.  Depending on how skilled they are, they can use and re-direct this energy.


You definitely want to take this down as soon as you are done.

And check and clear yourself.

Whereas the bubble protection is more fun, this is more straight-up war.

Be careful.