Grounding & Protection

Hematite is a beautiful black/silver stone: black with a silver sheen/irridescence.  There’s an otherworldliness to it when you stare at it.  Hematite has magnetic properties which are both helpful in healing and also make the stones fun to play with.


Hematite is an amazing power ally.  When you have a big presentation or are feeling the need to be as strong, potent, and powerful as possible, in a controlled and focused way, hematite is your pal.  They’re great for important exams, sales calls, and protection from people who want to violate your boundaries, energetically and otherwise.

When you need help protecting yourself because you’re already weak or can’t keep up the fight 24-7, hematite will boost you and protect you, including sealing energy leaks and stopping energy vampires from sucking you dry.

Hematite also helps with manifestation.  For instance, with making a good impression during your presentation or sales call, and with calling in things that you want and need.

Hematite helps in part by grounding, which anchors you in to your body (in a good way), and in to the body of Mother Earth, which is necessary for healthy living here in the physical.  By grounding you and protecting your energetic body, it dispels confusion (interference by outside forces), eliminates “spaciness” / disconnection / that floaty, distant feeling, and gives you the ability to know the right direction for you to take, and empowers you to focus your energy on that and therefore move forward powerfully and successfully.

If you’ve had flakey energy, it helps to align your energy and pull your energy down through into your root chakra, and back up through it, grounding you and helping you to re-energize yourself by pulling energy back up through you from Mother Earth.

By blocking external negative energy and interference in addition to aligning your own energy with the Earth, hematite helps to promote stillness and meditation.  Use it when you need to make big decisions quickly.

Connecting your spiritual and physical bodies

By grounding, clearing, and protecting, hematite helps to make it safe for your spiritual body to fully inhabit and work with your physical body.



Use hematite to reduce stress, negative emotions, anxiety.


Hematite helps with headaches, hangovers, blood pressure, anemia, cramps, spinal problems, fractured bones.

How To Use

My favorite is to wear hematite, but using it as home and office decoration is also grounding and protective.

Hematite bracelets, earrings, and rings are very effective.  Be aware that the rings break relatively easily when bumped hard against another hard surface, but they are good healing tools!

Smooth hematite is fun to play with in “bunches” because the stones are magnetic with each other.  It’s very soothing, calming, and entertaining.  Great when you want a fidget toy that heals you spiritually, too.


Hematite Ball Stud Earrings Peacock and Paisley Spiritual Coaching and Healing Heather Cate Coach shaman
Hematite Ball Stud Earrings Peacock and Paisley Spiritual Coaching and Healing Heather Cate Coach shaman
Hematite Rings Peacock & Paisley Heather Cate spiritual coach shamanic healing energy healing crystals grounding protection
Hematite magnetic blocks to play with polished stones Peacock & Paisley Heather Cate shamanic healer spiritual coach grounding and protection game