Grape Gazing

This is a form of meditation and communion with The Divine.

The Divine is the Creatrix and the connector.

The Divine WANTS to connect with you, is always available to connect with you, and will never ever force you to connect.

The Divine is LOVE and freely shares that with you any time you wish to do so.

One way is to gaze upon a part of Creation with Love in your heart, eyes, and being.

Really really look at it: in this case, the grapes.  Gaze deeply.   Connect with your soul to the energy of the plant, the sun, the water, The Divine, The Divine that Is in and Is All.

Look for the sparkle, the joy, the peace, the burgeoning energy.  Feel it.  Explore it, reach into it.  Look for The Divine sparkle, the iridescence.

You may notice it increase and connect with you, and your spirit may feel that and increase with joy, dance bigger and more expansively.

Too fruity for you?

Look for the beauty in all things, including a bunch of grapes.

In Christianity, there’s a saying that we are the grapes and Jesus is the vine connecting us to God, The Source.

We are allowed and encouraged, required, to connect directly with The Divine.  For everything.