Food As Medicine

What you put into and onto your body has profound impact.

Just like, and usually better than, drugs.

In fact, I highly recommend doing without drugs and using food, herbs, exercise, meditation, massage, mudras, reflexology, and other holistic techniques instead of drugs.

Your body, mind, and spirit are powerful self-healers.

When they have the right materials to work with and toxins are out of the picture.

Food and herbs are such a crucial part of healing that I include them in most sections on big topics, such as

In each of those sections, I teach which foods help which areas.

The Fundamentals


Your food has got to be organic.  If it’s not, it’s poisoned. Poison makes your body work overtime, causes cancer, hormonal imbalances (which is something you’re already working on healing from narcissistic abuse), and can kill you.

Fresh When Possible

Not always possible, and some foods are healthier frozen, if you have to buy them at the store, like blueberries, because it’s almost impossible to get them fresh without mold.  Depending on where you live, frozen fish can be much better, because the factory ships freeze their catch right then and there.

Wild-Caught and Grass-Fed

The crap they’re allowed to feed and pump into seafood and farm animals is astounding.  Life is better wild, and the food you get from a wild or at least nature-grazed creature is better for you.  The fats in these are critical for your brain health and body function, and thus also have a hugely beneficial impact on your mood.  They’ll even lower your cholesterol, because it’s not about the cholesterol you consume, but the cholesterol your body makes in response to inflammation that’s of concern.

You can find a lot of info about grain-free living on this site, including recipes.

Healthy eating boosts your immune system.

Lower stress and anxiety with nutrients and a happy digestive system.

You’ll want to look particularly at the B vitamins.