Enjoy Being An Empath

Congratulations!  You’re taking control!

Being highly sensitive / an empath is a great gift, but to really enjoy it, you need a manual and a toolkit.  And here they are!


Block unwanted energy

Clear your energy

Control the volume

Release stress

Receive blessings

Send love and healing to the world and yourself

Block & Protect
  • Mudras: Mudras are hand yoga, and work like self-applied acupuncture without the needles.
    • Hakini: On-Off Switch
    • Kubera: Inner Calm, Self-Confidence
    • Pran: Energy Booster
  • Pillar of Protection
  • Mirror
  • Energy Glow

Remove unwanted energies and connections so that you can heal and control your energy and life.

    • Control the Volume
      • Turn it down, turn it up, tune it in just right.
      • Use Hakini Mudra, the On-Off Switch
    • Use Your Gifts For Your Own Benefit
      • These gifts are for us to use to help ourselves, just as any other gift is.
      • Have fun!
      • Use Kubera Mudra: “Today I am having agreat time. I’m open to miracles. The world is conspiring to give me a great time!”

    Welcome! This is part of the Get Your Life Back Program. It takes commitment and investment! If you are ready, book your enrollment call. Capacity is limited so let's talk. I promise it's worth it!

    Welcome! This is part of the Get Your Life Back Course. Are you ready? Please invest here.

      Hi! Enjoy Being An Empath is a course you can buy separately or as part of the Get Your Life Back course or program.

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