Connecting With The Divine

The Divine is in all of Creation.

Connecting with The Divine is a matter of focusing on Good, on Love, on Peace, on Joy.

No matter what name you use for The Divine, It Is.

The Divine is within You.

You are a part of the Divine.

How do you know when you are connecting with The Divine?

You feel

  • safe
  • peace
  • joy
  • calm
  • assurance
  • healing
  • conviction
  • goodness


How To Connect

  • get centered and grounded
  • surround yourself with peace energy
  • pull that peace energy into yourself
  • focus and align your own energy with the peace energy inside yourself and center it into a column that emanates from and runs through your core, from head to toe, from Universe to Earth, with a ball of peace, energy, and protection around you

Welcome! This is part of the Get Your Life Back Program. It takes commitment and investment! If you are ready, book your enrollment call. Capacity is limited so let's talk. I promise it's worth it!

Welcome! This is part of the Get Your Life Back Course. Are you ready? Please invest here.

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