Connecting With The Divine

The Divine is in all of Creation.

Connecting with The Divine is a matter of focusing on Good, on Love, on Peace, on Joy.

No matter what name you use for The Divine, It Is.

The Divine is within You.

You are a part of the Divine.

How do you know when you are connecting with The Divine?

You feel

  • safe
  • peace
  • joy
  • calm
  • assurance
  • healing
  • conviction
  • goodness


How To Connect

  • get centered and grounded
  • surround yourself with peace energy
  • pull that peace energy into yourself
  • focus and align your own energy with the peace energy inside yourself and center it into a column that emanates from and runs through your core, from head to toe, from Universe to Earth, with a ball of peace, energy, and protection around you