Closed For Business

Sometimes you just need to close up shop.

“Not doing business with you.  Yes.  You.  Done.”

Shut the doors, shutter the windows, draw the drapes.

Cut off communication and connection with that person, at least for that moment.

You don’t have to walk away.  You just mentally and spiritually cut off their ability to reach you.

“Your horrible words, your hurtful actions, your manipulations no longer reach me.”

You are not moving.  They have to move along.  Because they’re getting nothing out of you.

No icecream for them.

But you and your chosen crew are partying behind those closed doors!

The icecream –your soft, inner delicious sweetness– still totally exists.  It’s there, protected, and you’ll enjoy it yourself and share it with other people who are good to and with you.

But not that jerk.

All closed up.

Soon as they’re gone and you’re safe, open back up for business!