Check Your Inner Compass And Charge Ahead

When we combine action with unwavering faith, the power of grace will meet our needs.

Faith and Inner Guidance are twin sisters partnering you with The Divine.

Your Inner Guidance is like a compass magnetically grounded and guided by Divine Love, helping you to orient yourself.  You can go anywhere and do anything, choose any of many destinations your Soul has chosen for you, using your inner compass.  It’s Faith that bridges the minute invisible gap between what Is Now and What Can Be.  Faith is inner vision with a spark.

What gets you from Now to Be is your effort magically supported by the Divine through grace.

Take ACTION and Grace will float you and buffer you, guide you past pitfalls, make miraculous connections, and pull everything together better for you than you could have imagined.

You just need to check in, lock on, and DO!

You can do it!



Heather Cate's signature, Spiritual Coach for the Creative Soul, Holistic Healer, Psychic Reader

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